Sky demon light

No longer able to install Silverlight and use skydemon light on my PC. Can anyone recommend good alternative apps / softwares, preferably something that also shows NOTAMs? Thank you!

Auterion Government Solutions, Inc. Selected for Defense Innovation Unit’s Soldier Robotic Controller (SRoC) Program

In March 2021, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) sought commercial solutions that would enable soldiers to operate multiple types of air and ground-based unmanned systems using an integrated, tactical, handheld controller. The principal objective of the Soldier Robotic Controller (SRoC) program is to develop solutions for small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles […]

FAA Memo Specifies “Associated Elements” for UAS Operations

Associated Elements provided by physical and digital infrastructure will support advanced UAS ecosystems. New FAA guidance addressing requirements for these elements present a path forward to scalability and highlights associated challenges. A recent FAA Aviation Safety Memorandum (“Memo”) confirms what ResilienX and other industry experts have long understood; integrating UAS into the national airspace (NAS) is […]

SwissDrones Concludes Flight Testing in Malta

Working in coordination with the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate, SwissDrones conducted long-range BVLOS flights in maritime conditions, paving the way towards new flight test facilities. Zurich, Switzerland and Valletta, Malta – Strategically positioned between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Malta has a long history in the maritime aviation arena, starting with the construction of […]

Great Testament to DJI Drones

Ever heard of a bike packer by the name of Iohan Gueorguiev? He’s got a YT channel in which he is bike packing across Argentina, part of the Andes range and Patagonia. I’m not promoting his channel here but the fact that he talks some about the DJI drone that he has with him on […]

Experiences with Galaxy S21 and DJI Fly?

It looks like it may be time to upgrade my phone after my older Galaxy S7 microSD port is getting more and more flaky. The two best choices seem to be the iPhone 12 or the Galaxy S21. I would prefer to stay with Android, but I don’t see confirmation of its support with the […]