dji mini SE

Hi I’m a first time Drone owner, I have recently bought myself a dji mini SE and today took it out for the first time and the front right motor is very stiff and wont spin so it wont take off. I get a message come up on my screen saying motor unable to operate. […]

ADT, Swiss Railways + more to adopt Sunflower Labs security drone

Sunflower Labs Inc. the company building next generation autonomous security systems, today announces the deployments of the Sunflower Labs’ Beehive System to its global partners: ADT Inc, 10 Federal Self Storage, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS), Security Robotics Development & Solutions GmbH and Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Sunflower Labs’ […]

GPS this morning..

Anyone else having problems with GPS this morning. Started with Mavic 3 this morning. GPS would get 15-18 satellite connections and then fall to 5, then 12 and lose to 4.. brought it down then put my Air 2 up and it stayed locked longer but was moving between 18 and 9 but stayed white.. […]