Tripltek does NOT listen!

I have been fighting with Tripltek for the last 3 weeks on why my tablet is very glichy and freezes with using the DJI Fly app. They said the problem was my cable, even if I have been using the cable for the last year. I purchased three more cables and used with the adapter […]

Land Surveying Software

I am looking to start land surveying, I have a Mavric 2 Pro, and i am looking for software which would be able to get me started and a minor learning curve until i am able to afford better software after gaining experience. I have IOS software, iphone, ipad, and macbook pro. Any suggestions would […]

Mavic 3 Disappointments

Hello fellow pilots! So, I purchased a Mavic 3 a while back, and, after flying it for a while, a few disappointments have emerged. I wanted to share those here and see if anyone else has had the same experiences. First, the SD cards that are recommended in the user manual do not appear to […]

Lifthor Baldur 2 for Tripltek 8 Pro

Good day folks. I have finally justified my hunt for a dedicated tablet to fly my Air 2S and possibly the Mavic 3 at some point next year. I have chosen the Lifthor Baldur 2 to mount the tablet since this is the only mount I’ve found that does not put the mounting load on […]