DJI added to US Dept of Commerce ‘Entity list’

BREAKING: DJI added to US Dept of Commerce ‘Entity list’ for alleged human rights abuses

An updated “Entity List” is bad news for the world’s largest drone manufacturer. DJI has been put in the company of Huawei and others, a move that will have negative consequences for the firm. We first broke the story after a conference call with the US Commerce Department.

Surprisingly, the US Commerce department cited “human rights abuses” and not the expected data security rationale.

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is part of the US Department of Commerce. And it maintains a list that includes “businesses, research institutions, government and private organizations, individuals, and other types of legal persons” that are subject to additional scrutiny and license requirements for the export and transfer of specific items, with an emphasis on technology. Huawei is one of the Chinese companies on that list over concerns about security with the company’s products. READ MORE.

Source: Drone DJI


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