Drones for Power Line Monitoring: This Rugged Drone is Ready for Nordic Storms [VIDEO]

drones for power line monitoring


Around the word, power companies are using drones for power line monitoring, especially after extreme weather events.  Now, Finnish energy company Järvi-Suomen Energia, who distributes electricity for over 100 000 customers in Finland’s lake district, is working with Estonian technology company Hepta Airborne to detect post-storm damages.  Hepta Airborne’s drone is designed to stand up to Nordic storms: and their AI-driven software is ready to detect problems.

In Finland, Järvi-Suomen Energia is testing drones as a way to keep their customers up and running, even during the Nordic winters.  The lake district poses particular challenges the company: it’s an area filled with countless lakes, islands, capes, and hollows. “We are interested in taking into use new opportunities with the best quality and speed. It is essential for us to ensure the permanent availability of electricity for our customers. Reducing power outage time is one of the priorities”, said Tomi Öster, said Business Development Manager at Järvi-Suomen Energia.

In Finland, the wind can blow 20 meters per second (more than 44 miles per hour): but Hepta’s aircraft is up to flying even under those conditions. Hepta Airborne`s CEO Henri Klemmer claims that Hepta is the only one in the Nordics providing real-time storm surveillance 24/7, regardless of high wind, or heavy snow. “Our drone has two special strengths. Its wind resistance is strong, and it can fly for three hours at a time,” says Klemmer.

“Estonian AI-driven technology company Hepta Airborne automates the analysis of power lines by utilizing drones, helicopters, satellites, and big data analysis. The AI-driven software “uBird” finds defects and potential risks to prevent future failures and save costs and time,” says the release. Hepta’s drones for power line monitoring “cover an average of 10x more distance, both daytime and nighttime, while withstanding harsh weather conditions,” says a press release.

Hepta is supported by EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, and has digitized more than 40,000 kilometers of power line networks in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Denmark, and Sweden.



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