AEB and other Camera Settings

I am a recent owner of the Mavic Air 2. I have owned a Spark for a few years and I just upgraded last week. I am quickly learning that the camera will do much more than I had hoped. I have watched several YouTube videos and I am looking for some confirmation of my […]

battery info on app

today i helped a fellow flyer set up his MPP and i found something interesting in the battery settings in the app,after they were all updated i was showing my friend how to access the battery info in the app and under the heading about, it showed the date as 2019-07, all the three batts […]

Mavic lights

I have a mavic air and was wondering where to put Cree navigation lites on top , where the lites don’t mess with camera glares.but I don’t want to block gps. Anybody ???


Forgive my ignorance here, But I had no idea there were rules to flying drones. I was going to buy the Mavic mini for my first drone and now I’m on the fence since I just came across some of the FAA rules. I had no idea. Lol. They don’t seem bad from the few […]

iPad Specs?

I’ve been watching loads of video and the perks of having a larger view size seem ideal. For the people using an iPad – what specs should one look for? Looking at the DJI site, it pretty much says Pro, air2 and mini4. I would think a NEW mini5 would work, but there is no […]

Should i get a mavic air 2

Hi all. Can anyone help me make a decision ? I’m a mavic mini user and love using it as a hobby only. But I’m so confused to as the laws keep changing and where I can and cannot fly. I understand the drone code but I keep getting told that from 01/01/21 I will […]

Connecting samsung tablet

Hi pilots Im new to this site. Can anyone tell me why my Samsung tab A doesn’t connect to my mavic pro.( tablet to USB on controller) no problem coñecting using my phone. Just got the tablet. It appears to just go into charging mode with battery charging % showing on the tablet screen How […]