Inside LAANC and UAS Facility Maps

Andrew Elefant LAANC and UAS Facility Maps The purpose of this blog post is to dive a little deeper into LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability), the system to apply for and receive FAA authorization to operate in controlled airspace. Specifically, this post will go into more detail about UAS Facility Maps (commonly shortened to UASFMs) and the role […]

FAA LAANC Expansion

I’m on an FAA email list I guess, and I got this yesterday: Latest LAANC Expansion The FAA recently made it easier for drone pilots to quickly and safely access controlled airspace by adding 133 air traffic facilities to the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system. LAANC is an automated application and approval […]

Mavic Mini Shutsdown

Has an overheat shutdown been worked into a update. Having lots of trouble with my mini. Sent it in for repair and got it back with the same same problems. Mini shutting down while sitting on my desk. Wondering if that is not a problem and it is shutting down due to over heat? Also […]

First Flights on my Mavic Pro

I went out this sunny afternoon, found a basketball court, and took my drone up. Full charges, no wind, and beginner mode. Too much fun!! A couple of deltas to figure out…one, in this mode, it was hard to take still photos. I’d push the button and nothing would happen…video, no problem! Remember to turn […]

ArgenTech Solutions and ALTI UAS partner

CONCORD, NH – ArgenTech Solutions, Inc has signed a partnership agreement with ALTI Unmanned Aircraft Systems in South Africa to be a sales partner and exclusive North American training and service center.  The ALTI line of unmanned aircraft range in size from six feet to eighteen feet across the wings.  Designed to launch and land […]