Jumper T-Lite My New Favorite RC Transmitter Review

This has just become my new favorite RC transmitter. It’s small, lightweight, easily transportable, and can control all of my FPV racers, sport drones, and RC airplanes. There is no need to carry multiple transmitter if you own this little gem. Find it here, and get 5 percent off with coupon code Quadcopter101 http://bit.ly/Jumper_T-Lite

– Small, easily portable, and light weight at only 260 grams. No need for a lanyard with this one ?
– Includes Hall gimbals for stick durability, longevity, and accurate control.
– 16 channel
– Uses highly configurable OpenTX firmware.
– Available with JP4in1 or CC2500 multi protocol modules. But I do resommend that you select the JP4in1 at purchase to provide 50 protocols for maximum compatibility.
– Includes speaker for voice alerts. Also has haptic feedback (vibration) alerts.
– Uses rechargeable 18650 battery for power. There’s no need to purchase a charger as the battery can be recharged in the controller via its Type C USB port.
– Includes an adapter and capability to utilize external modules,such as TBS Crossfire Nano.
– And it’s cheap for what it can do. This little gem is currently the best bang for your buck in transmitters.

– An 18650 battery is not included. You will need to purchase it separately.
– Although OpenTX firmware is highly configurable, it can be intimidating to new pilots. I’ll try to follow up this review with a tutorial to help new pilots get started with this transmitter.
– The 18650 battery just does not have the “oomph” required to properly power the Crossfire Nano Tx module. To do such, you should include an external power supply to go with that module.

And a final word to Jumper if they’re listening. I love this transmitter, but I think that it’s overkill to include external module capability with it. Really, this transmitter is perfect as is for most new and intermediate pilots who really don’t need that capability. If the transmitter’s cost can be reduced even further by removing external module support, I think that might be a good thing. Including an 18650 battery with the transmitter would be even better ?

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