Optelos DSP Inspector Program Proves Partnerships are the Way to Get Customers and Thrive in the Drone Industry

Optelos DSP Inspector ProgramDrone service providers need drone data management – and they need to keep finding new customers.  The Optelos DSP Inspector™ Program is designed to meet those needs, in a partnership that helps both parties to grow.

As the drone industry grows, Drone Service Providers (DSPs) offer crucial services for the inspection of critical assets in verticals like energy and oil and gas.  Making the contacts to find clients, however, can be a challenge for DSPs.  That’s when forming the right drone industry partnerships can be a growth accelerator.

Optelos, an industry leading SaaS platform for Enterprises, offers a drone data management ecosystem that helps infrastructure companies digitize their inspections.  Frequently, however, clients need help identifying a qualified drone service provider to execute drone inspections and get data into the platform.  Now, Optelos is launching a dedicated platform for Drone Service Providers (DSPs) to help operationalize the delivery of digital asset inspection to Enterprises.  As part of the Optelos DSP Inspection Program,  qualified DSPs will be included in the Optelos Service Provider Network – where Optelos customers can directly request services from the DSP.

The Optelos Platform

The Optelos Platform is designed to provide enterprise customers with the insights they need from aerial data.  Designed to deal with the huge volume of data that drone inspection projects generate, the patented technology combines visual data management, data visualization, and automated AI computer vision to deliver targeted business insights.

The Optelos Platform can be used by an enterprise, or by a DSP.  DSPs can give their enterprise clients a username and password and deliver professional data.  The data can be managed in a way that makes sense for DSPs, with the right security and management tools to keep multiple projects for multiple customers easily organized.  “Optelos goal is to help DSPs grow their business through better management and delivery of inspection data to clients,” says the company.

The Optelos DSP Inspector Platform

The DSP Platform is a cost-effective way for DSPs to manage, process, and deliver data to clients.

With access to Optelos DSP Inspector platform, DSPs  can deliver robust data, models and reports to their customers, as well as easily manage all visual data across all customers and all projects.  DSPs also get a full complement of capabilities including; built-in measurement and analytics capability, data aggregation combining, visual data and other asset data CAD, reports and IoT data for richer analysis, and the ability to create high resolution and highly accurate 2D and 3D models.

David Tran, CEO of Optelos, says that they’ve developed the DSP Inspector™ Platform in collaboration with customers to meet the specific needs that DSPs face. “We have worked closely with Enterprises and DSPs to help develop the Optelos DSP Inspector™ platform.  When used in concert with the Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor solution, this provides a standardized yet highly open and scalable asset inspection workflow,” he says.   “The Optelos Drone Data ecosystem enables Enterprises to utilize best of class drone providers as they implement and grow their asset inspection program.”

Chris Kelce, owner of TCA Drones, loves the platform and has benefited from the Service Provider Program.  “Since joining Optelos Service Provider Program I’ve been able to grow my business by working with Optelos customers and my existing customer love the experience when they access their projects through the Optelos platform,” he says.

How the program works

  1. DSPs Register on-line through a simple get started form
  2. Optelos reviews and verifies  the DSP’s business details.
  3. Once verified the DSP is setup with their own Optelos DSP Inspector license, so they can immediately begin delivering project data to their customers. Optelos can also provide 2D/3D, eliminating the need for other 3rd party
  4. In addition, once registered the DSP is added to the Optelos service provider network making them eligible to provide services to Optelos customers.
  5. DSPs can also earn commission on sale of Optelos platform to their Clients.

To learn more about this program and how to participate, you can register here.


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