Drone footage captures devastation after Alabama tornado

A drone captured the significant damage left in the wake of a tornado that tore through central Alabama, killing one person and injuring at least 20 others.

The footage showed damaged roofs, collapsed walls and house frames in Fultondale, a northern suburb of Birmingham. Multiple piles of debris were seen scattered on the streets and covering destroyed homes.

Other videos showed flipped vehicles, downed power lines and trees ripped from the ground.

Jim Coker, the director of the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency, said Fultondale, a city of about 9,000, was the most “tornado-prone county” in Alabama.

The tornado ripped through Fultondale Monday night before moving toward nearby Center Point, he said.

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Emergency management officials urged people to take shelter during the storm and asked people to submit damage reports. Officials asked the public to stay away from Fultondale and Center Point.

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