OPINION | EDITORIAL: Ground control to Major Tom

There’s something fun about having the nation’s largest private employer in your backyard. Walmart is always cooking up something new, providing editorial fodder. Such as today.

One of Walmart’s current top projects: drones for delivery. As in you order something online and a drone flies it to your porch. Then that drone flies back to Walmart. The future is here.

The company has been running tests with drone delivery in North Carolina, and now it’s one step closer to doing so in the northwest corner of the state. According to the paper:

“The first step in construction and use of a drone launch pad at the Walmart Neighborhood Market was taken as [Pea Ridge] city planners approved requests from Walmart and Zipline on Tuesday night. Benoit Miquel, project manager for Zipline, the company partnering with Walmart, presented the proposed project that includes construction of an elevated launch pad on the northwest corner of the Walmart store on Slack Street. The platform is planned to be 25 feet high.”

Apparently folks in Pea Ridge could be about to witness something that will likely become familiar to the rest of us soon enough: a drone launch pad delivering groceries and other goods.

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Some of us are old enough to remember pointing at airplanes. And being entertained at an airport. We can see the day, perhaps this year, when folks stop at a launch pad to point at drones taking off. Until it becomes old hat, like all new things.

The drone company is prepared to take all the precautions, which is exactly what we want to hear before a test like this starts. The drones will have parachutes if an emergency landing is needed. Nobody should get whacked in the head by a falling drone. Or have the hood of their truck caved in.

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Source: Opinion / Arkansas Democrat Gazette


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