JJRC X17 Stabilized Gimbal GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This folding GPS drone includes a two axis stabilized gimbal, and is available in high visibility orange color. Find it here, and try coupon code C8UDZQIP1VV24 for a discount https://bit.ly/JJRC-X17

– Folding drone available in high visibility orange or green colors.
– Comes with very nice carrying case and strap.
– Durable and powerful brushless motors.
– GPS with automatic return to home and landing capability on command, loss of signal, and low voltage.
– Optical flow belly sensor for automatic hovering without GPS.
– 11.1V 3S 2850mah battery provides up to 30 minutes flight time per charge (mine flew for 25 minutes and 35 seconds on a breezy day).
– Two axis gyro stabilized gimbal provides smooth and level video.
– 6K camera records video and photos directly to an onboard SD memory card (mmemory card must be purchased separately). Recorded HD video resolution is 2688 x 1512 pixels at 25 frames per second. Recorded photo resolution is 5700 x 4275 pixels. Backup video and photos are also recorded to your phone via the drone’s WiFi signal at lower 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.
– The drone’s WiFi signal is very strong, providing up to 400 meters video reception. It also provides excellent video reception at the much closer ranges that I was flying. I did not see any evidence of frozen or dropped video frames throughout the flight.
– In flight video can be viewed and recorded to your phone via the Lula RC, HFun Pro, or HFunFly apps. These apps also provide advance flight features of follow me, orbit position, and waypoint flying.
– The drone’s controller can provide up to 800 meters control range for long distance line of sight flying (recommend highly visible orange drone version if you are going to attempt this ;-). Controller also has telemetry capability tofurther aid lineof sight flying. Telemetry parameters available on its LCD screen include drone signal strength, GPS status, remaining battery power, speed, height, distance. Also drone heading is displayed via a compass rose.

– The app requires use of a phone with 802.11ac WiFi. Before purchasing, use Google to verify that your phone does indeed have 802.11ac WiFi (not everybody has such on their phone).
– The drone weighs 500 grams. It will require registration in most countries.
– The instructions were confusing regarding which app to use with the drone. The title of the instructions listed the app as “HFun Fly”. However, the QR code in the instructions downloaded and installed the “Lula RC” app. Unfortunately, the Lula RC app crashed repeatedly while flying. An alternate “HFun Pro” app that I tried did work, with the exception of the orbit position advanced flight mode.
– Toilet Bowl Effect (TBE) uncontrolled circling became apparent several times during the flight. This required turning off the GPS to avoid crashing, and landing the drone to recalibrate the compass.
– Low battery warning came on halfway through the flight. This activated the geofence feature preventing flight further than 20 meters from the drone’s takeoff point. It also prevented any further use during the flight of the app’s advanced flight features.

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