Best 5 Drone Apps for Your Smartphone

If you love to travel and frequently visit exotic locations, you may already own a drone or planning to get one. If your drone manufacturer has an in house app, it becomes much easier to use your smartphone to control the drone. But what if there is none. Not to worry. There are multiple apps available at play store using which you can fly your drone as well as collect flight statistics and other data. Let’s take a look at the best 5 apps for flying a drone.


Speaking about drone apps, often we want an app that does every job. Unfortunately, no such application exists, but there is one that comes almost close. That’s Kittyhawk. Using the app you can perform all the checks required before your drone takes off. You can check no-fly zones, weather, maps that come with air traffic as well as the analysis after the flight. Not only that, the developers keep on adding new features. However, to avail them you need to have a subscription. The app comes free of cost and is available at both google play store as well as the app store for iPhone.


If you use a drone only for recreational purpose, you must have heard about or own a DJI manufactured drone. DJI currently dominates the drone market. For DJI drones, the best app is manufactured by them. Using the app, you can control the camera as well as the drone’s flight. There are also some amazing features like live HD preview and intelligent mode for flight. The app also allows you to track the flight log. You can even share photos and videos directly from the application. Although alternative options are there, still this app is worth giving a try.


This is a must-have application for all drone owners. The application has a bunch of advanced features which comes handy for both recreational as well as commercial drone owners. Their features include flight log, geofencing as well as drone mapping. Even if you are a beginner and don’t have any knowledge about drones, the app will teach you everything. Their database also has information regarding Drone law in more than 20 countries. Airmap is compatible with all drones regardless of the brand.


What if you are not happy with the DJI Go App and need a better version? Litchi is a great alternative and in many ways better than DJI Go. It has an impressive tracking feature, that too fully autonomous which comes in handy if you are going to shoot a moving object. The app has different flight modes, including Orbit me, Panorama, Waypoints, Virtual Reality mode as well as Ground station. The feature I find most useful, which is not there in many apps is that you can plan your flight before you execute it by using the Mission Hub. All these features, however, does not come for free. You have to pay a one time charge of $23 for purchasing the app.

Hot Props Drone Simulator

Well, this app cannot be used to control your drone. It’s more like a simulator app that will train you in all the basics of drone flight before you try to fly a real drone. If you have an RC transmitter, you can connect it to your smartphone with an OTG cable. The app also gives you the option to connect your Bluetooth gamepads. There are several modes like FPV or Acro Mode. However, the only complaint that comes from the users is that often they feel like the flight does not follow the laws of physics and flying a real done will be a bit different. You can download Drone Simulator APK for Android from PlayStore or other Android marketplaces now.

There are many other useful apps like Tesla Field Recorder, B4UFly, PhotoPills, etc. Even if your drone manufacturer has an in house app, we would suggest you give these apps a try. Let us know which one suits your need in the comments.


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