How Is the Commercial Drone Industry Impacting the US Economy?

The innovation of technology is giving people cutting edge products at even cheaper prices. The use of drones was originally based on military applications – now, individuals can purchase a commercial drone for as little as $60.

More access is giving companies such as Amazon, ideas that they can be used for commercial purposes. One example is Amazon Prime Air, which is gearing up to deliver packages of up to 5 pounds, using drones.

Furthermore, they uphold environmental conservation and can deliver medicine to remote places. They are also much more environmentally friendly than delivery trucks.

The market for drones is going to grow in the commercial, military and consumer sectors. The abilities of drones allow them to replace traditional operational methods. The federal aviation administration has made changes to their permissions for non-hobbyist drone usage.

This means drones can be used with less interaction from humans with the flexibility that allows for reducing time and costs for companies.

Drones can also provide data analytics and can also be used for predicting the performance across industries as varied as journalism and agriculture. Their flexibility will even lend towards new types of business models.

There are estimations of the drone market being in excess of $120 billion globally. Much of the value linked to drones will be from services provided by them, as well as data collection. Getting hold of a drone is easier thanks to companies such as Bonsai Finance.

The fact that drone hardware has become more affordable to manufacture and buy means that the services to do with drones are going to create much of the value. Services that thrive on the operation of drones the managing of the data and their maintenance will be handled by the applicable parties.

As drones are infiltrating infrastructure of society, their applications are becoming more and more varied. Here are some of the more interesting ones below.

3-D Mapping

The maneuverability of drones means they can create 3-D maps much more easily than ever before. This maneuverability can also be used for surveying sites and taking photos to create maps, in a much more easy fashion then surveyors on foot would be able to and at much greater speed.


Drones are being touted as a revolution in last-mile delivery for consumer goods. They would effectively reduce both time and cost for delivery and an increase in profit margins for companies involved. With increasing wages, autonomous delivery will become more and more advantageous.


Much research is being carried out in the use of drones for agriculture and farming. They could potentially be very effective for soil and field analysis, as well as crop spraying and monitoring, as well as for collecting the associated data needed for optimizing farming.

The market for drones is only growing larger and larger, and its applications (past even a commercial drone) are only getting more varied.

Although we are making strides in what the capability of drones can do, it is impossible to anticipate every single application we may find for them in the future.

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