5 Ways Drones Bring College Campuses to New Heights

Since the first drones hit the market, it was clear that their usability covers a wide spectrum of purposes, locations, and user-groups. Although mainly used for the production of video material from a bird’s perspective, drones can also carry light cargo, which makes their usability level very high (no pun intended).

The introduction of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act simplified the use of drones in places like college campuses and other institutions, thus making life on the campus even more vivid than before. If you’re still unaware of the benefits that the use of drones can bring to a college campus, our current article will let you in on a few interesting examples.

Improved safety on campus

College safety is extremely important, especially on a campus where there are so many risk factors that influence the need to cover all potential security issues. The University of Illinois started an interesting drone program to improve the safety of construction sites on campus. Project “Flying superintendent” is developed due to the increase of areas under construction and inability of project managers to keep an eye out for hard to reach places that might cause damage or injure anyone who might pass by the construction site.

In terms of safety, drones can be used to detect if anyone or anything is disrupting the integrity of campus property, or oversee public events held outside the college facilities.

Enhancement of student’s college experience

Since FAA’s most recent regulation allows persons above the age of 16 to register a drone and fly it, as long as everything is in accordance with the college drone policy, young people on campus can have fun in their spare time or start a drone-related student group.

Through videos and still pictures made via drone cameras, students can publish their interesting stories or collaborate on different projects. Filming student parties or similar events and placing these videos on social media is extremely popular among today’s kids. More experienced drone pilots can even tutor a new generation of pilots, thus bond with likeminded people that share their passion.

Cargo transport

We already said that drones can also transport light cargo, which is another way for students to improve their college lifestyle. Let’s say you’re running late for a class and you’ve just realized that you forgot to pack your textbook. Your roommate can attach the shipment to a drone and deliver the textbook much quicker than it would take you to go back for it and return to your lecture.

It’s not unusual to see students using drones to make an extra buck by delivering all sorts of parcels to students who need a quick delivery to a location on campus.

Creating promotive video material

College tuition is the main source of income for most academic institutions, aside from government and private funding for various development projects. To attract more students, the college administration needs to focus on more than the production of a high-quality curriculum and the introduction of the most popular degrees.

Marketing plays a vital role in every industry, and education is not an exception. It’s a challenge to compel a student to sign up for a certain university as much as it would be to influence one’s decision to have their essay proofread at Edubirdie or some other college writing service. Therefore, drone-made videos are being used to create inspiring videos that display life around the campus, location features, or aerial view of college facilities.

Sporting events

Athletic activities are a vital component of life during college, many Universities place a substantial effort in the development of sporting activities. Drones can be used to monitor and film football or baseball matches on campus, but that’s not all. A team coach can use an aerial view to analyze team performance and improve certain aspects of the strategy.

Also, marching bands, cheerleaders, and numerous other performers can make use of a bird-eye perspective. Band leaders and other instructors can review the video material and improve choreography ahead of an important event.

It’s important to understand that every college is allowed to impose its own drone policy that should be in line with the latest FAA regulation. The use of drones can lead to liability issues, which is why it is essential to use any flying device with utter care for personal and other people’s safety, as well as preserve the integrity of the private property.

Other than legislative borders, there is nothing to limit your creativity and imagination when it comes to how you can use a drone to increase the quality of your life during college or enhance the public image of your University.

Author: Michael Turner is a freelance content writer and editor, focused on such topics as college lifestyle, technology, and education. His work is based on a deep understanding of the topics he covers and in-depth research. As a writer, Michael seeks new ways to bring new value to his audience through practical pieces of advice and stories that matter.


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