5 Fun Drone Photography Ideas For Weddings

Weddings are momentous events that mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in one’s life. It isn’t surprising that a lot of couples are willing to spend a fortune on making sure that everything is as perfect as it can be, and their wedding photos are no exception. After all, wedding photos not only enable couples to preserve and capture such an important event — they also allow them to have something to look back on and remind them of their commitment and love for each other. Couples are sparing no expense to get the best coverage of their weddings, taking full advantage of emerging technology to get those unique wedding photos and videos. This has led many of them to turn to aerial photography through the use of drones.

Many drone operators may be tempted to cash in on this trend, but before you say yes to that wedding gig, there are certain things you have to consider. Not every shoot is straightforward, and they can be affected by factors such as the clients’ specifications and the conduciveness of the wedding venues – especially the reception. In addition to this, there are some safety considerations when using drones for weddings that you should be aware of. Apart from getting certified to operate a drone for commercial use, make sure to calibrate your IMU and your compass before every flight and keep tabs of wind conditions to ensure that your wedding shoot goes smoothly.

Once you’re sure everything is perfectly set, then you are good to go. To help make your wedding gig one for the books, here are some fun drone photography ideas you should try out:

Get a different perspective

Shooting things from a unique perspective might seem like an easy task once you’ve got a camera flying in the air, but it can actually be quite tricky because of all the things you have to consider. Beyond thinking of the take-off area and ensuring that all your tools are working properly, there’s also the composition of your shots to consider. Aerial photography gives you a chance to showcase your surroundings, so to make the most out of the unique perspective that the drone camera offers, try taking shots from an angle. You can also take shots of the location from high up and include giant infrastructures like a city fountain for contrast.

Play with shadows

Drone operator Joseph Gidjunis shared that the fun in capturing wedding photos with a drone comes from the new and interesting angles that it offers. In his recent gig, he utilized this feature by directing everyone in the party so their poses cast large shadows on the green plains before taking the picture at an angle. You can take inspiration from this one and try playing with shadows on your next wedding gig.

Take photos from a bird’s eye view

Weddings can be pretty hectic, and it’s easy for the newlywed couple to get overwhelmed by the very occasion, the number of guests and everything in between. This inevitably causes them to miss out on a number of things. As a drone operator, this is where you come in. Take a few bird’s eye view photos that capture everything that’s happening as well as shots that document everyone’s reactions during significant moments — like when the bride and the groom shared their first kiss as a married couple. When taking these kinds of drone photos, remember to shoot in RAW format, choose the appropriate ISO settings and select the right aperture.

Get a photo with all the guest

In almost any event, the biggest concern for photographers and couples is having a photo that includes all the guests, as well as the scenic venue. Fortunately, with a drone camera, this can easily be accomplished. You just have to make sure that you take the photo from a safe height. Get creative and don’t just take photos of everyone compressed and looking up at the camera. Instead, try to capture different action shots like when the couple cuts the cake, or when everyone starts dancing!

Incorporate shapes

With a drone camera, you have the advantage of height. You can direct guests to form shapes and words, which would look amazing when taken from a high altitude. Similarly, you can also try to capture the shapes and forms of the venue and of the buildings around it. Doing so will take your photos up a notch and give them an artistic touch.
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