Citadel Enhances Counter-drone Software to Combat Rogue Drones

Citadel counter-drone

Source: Citadel Defense

Counter-drone provider Citadel Defense recently launched a new AI and machine-learning software release for its Titan system. Company officials say the software-hardware combo represents an evolution of the tech after more than 27 months of “successful deployments across multiple combatant commands and hundreds of unique environments.”

The counter-drone system leverages the world’s largest dataset adapted for AI-based drone detection. Citadel deploys the system to a global client base, offering protection from rogue drone missions such as recent attacks in Armenia and the Middle East.

“As the Pentagon looks for reliable ways to counter commercial quadcopter attacks on American troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, Citadel’s proven AI capabilities provide the necessary protection and responsiveness for the evolving [counter-drone] mission,” Citadel CEO Christopher Williams said.

“Library-limited counter-drone systems that are overly complex put important missions at risk along with our servicemen and women. Titan’s use of AI, machine learning, and automated robotics significantly reduces operator stress while accelerating response time,” he added.

Growing Threat

Citadel attracted government interest after the U.S. Central Command stated that the growing threat posed by unmanned aircraft systems, coupled with the lack of dependable capabilities to counter them, was the most concerning tactical development in the CENTCOM region.

“By substantially reducing system complexity, providing an industry-leading low false alarm rate, and delivering the most expansive detection and mitigation threat coverage, Citadel’s customers can focus on their missions without unnecessary and potentially life-threatening distractions,” Williams said.

Counter-drone Almost 100 Percent Effective

In July, Citadel released an AI-powered software suite company officials said will autonomously protect against threats from 98 percent of commercial off-the-shelf drones.

When paired with the Titan system, the counter-drone solution can protect a large military base or airfield via a single interface for around-the-clock coverage.

Citadel’s radio-frequency sensors brings advanced AI and machine learning detection performance to integrated layered counter drone solutions. The system’s open architecture allows for quick integration with other sensors and offers a suite of options for a vast array of mission needs or configurations.

“Citadel aims to make [counter-drone] protection ubiquitous across government, military and commercial force protection missions,” a Citadel spokesperson said.

With $30 million in government contracts in play for its Titan solution, the company recently tripled manufacturing production capacity.


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