Security Drones: Easy Aerial’s New SAMS-T-MINI (Smart Aerial Monitoring System)

security dronesThe market for security drones is getting bigger all the time – and providers are developing solutions that are smarter, lighter, and more autonomous.  Today, U.S.-based Easy Aerial  introduced the newest in their portfolio of Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS): the SAMS-T-MINI.

Monitoring a secure site requires long endurance – and tethered drones support 24 hour continuous flight, and the ability to stay in one place.  The SAMS-T-MINI features a 320-ft data-over-power (DOP) enhanced tether, in addition to being an autonomous drone-in-a-box solution: which adds up to unlimited autonomous flight.  In addition to unlimited flight time, Easy Aerial says that the SAMS-T-MINI provides an “unbreachable” data connection, for the ultimate data security.

“Our customers made clear that they needed a compact, portable, affordable, and versatile autonomous security solution,” says Ido Gur, Co-Founder, and CEO of Easy Aerial. “The SAMS-T-MINI answers this need by providing constant and customized eye-in-the-sky surveillance for extended periods of time, allowing them to obtain aerial imagery and situational awareness.”

The SAMS-T-MINI features a 320-foot data-over-power (DOP) enhanced tether for resilient, unjammable data security. It can support 24 hours of continuous flight, even in extreme weather conditions, and offers precise hovering over the ground station. Weighing just 35 lbs (16 kg) and having a multiple payload capacity (up to 15 different payloads) of up to 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg), the SAMS-T-MINI is light and portable, making it ideal for mission-critical, on-the-move operations. It is compatible with Easy Aerial’s entire line of rugged, military-grade drones.

Easy Aerial solutions are designed and manufactured in the U.S.  Easy Aerial boasts global civil and military clients – so their solutions are designed to be “rugged, durable, all-weather capable, and designed to operate in the most inhospitable environments with little to no infrastructure support,” says the press release.  “…Like all of Easy Aerial’s autonomous, cost-effective Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems, the SAMS-T-MINI combines drone-in-a-box simplicity with military-grade durability that can be remotely deployed and operated from anywhere in the world, including GPS-denied environments, without the need of an onsite operator.”


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